Features of Modern Leather Sofa

If you are moving to a new house or just renovating your existing home, you might want to furnish it with a modern leather sofa. The modern or contemporary designs are simple yet attractive, durable, much more comfortable and space saving. With the advent of science, artistry and fashion, the old and traditional sofas have now evolved into gorgeous furniture pieces.

Common Features of Modern or Contemporary Leather Sofas

If you are observant enough and would compare these modern seats from those conventionally used in the past, there are a number of both small and striking differences. Among the features of the modern ones include:


  • Plainness and Simplicity. The most immediate feature, which can be noticed from these modern sofas is the plainness or simplicity of their looks. But it is surprising to note that amidst this simplicity is their genuine beauty. Traditional leather sofas that people loved before have elaborate designs, natural leather cracks or linings, multitude of colors, folds and wrinkle and many more. Today, the modern sofa is much more neat and simple.
  • Monotone or Fewer Colors. Relative to the feature mentioned above, most of the modern sofas today have a single or perhaps a combination of two or three bold and primary colors. There are no additional prints, letterings, weavings or other stuff. For example, most modern homeowners would prefer the pure modern white leather sofa or the black ones. Maintaining a single motif is also true in offices.
  • Slimmer or More Compact Built. Urban living spaces are becoming much smaller while the inhabitants continued to grow. This forced several developers to construct townhouses or condominiums, which try to maximize limited spaces. This is one of the reasons why modern sofas came into existence. They have evolved into much slimmer seats to be able to fit in such a limited space.
  • Raised Feet or Legs. If traditional sofas have those small rotating wheels as their bases, the leather sofa eliminated them. The base or feet height of these modern sofas are also raised or higher compared to the traditional ones which keeps the seat close to the floor.
  • Use of Metal and Wood. Most modern sofas today are also observed to effectively mix foam, leather, wood and metal. Instead of a pure wood base, there are now sofas that feature metal or aluminum bases.

  • Absence of Springs. And lastly, most modern sofas no longer use springs and cotton as their cushion stuffing but now make sole use of high density and durable foams.

Modern Leather Sofa Styles Available

For sofa or sofa sets, modern and contemporary is already a style. But it can still be divided into more specific designs. There’s the modern leather sectional sofa ideal for placement on both center and corner areas, there are reclining sofas, dual-toned or color accented sofas, raised back support sofas, metal or aluminum framed sofas, etc.

Popular Brands You Can Consider

  • IKEA. Without a doubt, IKEA is the largest home furnishing seller in the world. And there should be no problem locating a contemporary leather sofa in each IKEA store. Aside from the specific brands, the store also manufactures its own line of furniture or sofa products.
  • ZUO. Another popular brand that specializes in the sofa production is ZUO. It can be noticeable that most of its leather sofas combine that traditional look to the modern styles.
  • Flash Furniture. The leather sofas that Flash Furniture manufactures are the sleek, clean, and compact ones. Flash’s modern black leather sofa with aluminum or metal base is very popular.

Modern sofa brands are not only limited to the ones mentioned above, there are still thousands of good manufacturers that you should discover.