Contemporary Furniture: Keeping It Simple And Clean

When a person has a modern mindset, chances are, the individual would love to have contemporary furniture in his or her cradle. Therefore, to make the atmosphere very personal and comfortable, the blending of the contemporary furniture and the owner’s mood must be achieves harmoniously.

How do you classify furniture as contemporary?

Contemporary furniture or modern furniture pieces are those made or designed beginning at the 19th century up to present. In comparison, antique furniture has bold wooden carvings which are elaborate and very intricate in details while modern furniture has clean and simple lines. The curves and trimmings are gone. They are replaced by flashy colors or neutral colors combined with shiny metals. The dark velvety fabrics are gone with the old. The new ones are lighter, brighter and give soft visual effects.

Popular Modern Furniture

The following are the popular modern furniture that might entice you.

  • Modern leather sofa. This furniture is one of the most commonly seen when you open the doors to the living room. It comes most of the time in earth colors like browns, neutral, ash and solid black. There are also fun-loving home owners who love to have plush colored sofa like apple green, radiant yellow and bright red. Generally, sofas are the focal point in a living room.
  • Modern coffee tables. The most popular are minimally constructed. They consist only of shiny stainless metals as pegs and support structure with a simple clear glass on top. There are also simple barrel shaped coffee tables which are made in combination of wood and steel and glass. The principle is simple. No matter what shape you want, make it just neat and simple.
  • Lampshades. Modern lampshades have elaborate prints on the shade. The stand is a single, thin metal rod that varies in length depending on where you want to place it or how you want to use it.


Modern Materials

Modernity calls for new types of materials to achieve a very contemporary appeal. Examples of these are:

  • Molded plywood. This material is the most popular in the construction of contemporary furniture. The finish product is smooth, simple and well-groomed. It can also be shiny and flawless from bulges of nails.
  • Plastics. This material is inevitable to elude in modern living. Aside from its pliable ability, it can also be colored according to the preference of the artists.
  • Vines. You can just imagine how this primitive element came into the modern scene. Many Asian furniture artists found the strength and durability of this raw material to make beds, chairs, tables, lampshades and many other modern artistic decorative pieces.

Having your space styled according to your personal specification is just inviting to come home. Styling your home with contemporary furniture gives a lighter and simpler touch of modernity.